Goals for Arkansas

Boys and Men of Color


WRF Commits to Action for Boys & Men of Color

In 2010, 41 percent of African American and 31 percent of Latino young men in Arkansas did not graduate high school on time.* We must change this!

Visit the Executives' Alliance to Expand Opportunities for Boys and Men of Color website to learn about the movement to improve outcomes for young men of color, including the recently announced White House public-private partnership My Brother’s Keeper.

WRF’s investment in boys and young men of color is creating a seamless pipeline of support for African American, Latino, and low-income males from communities to college campuses. Through the Foundation’s Boys and Men Opportunity Success Team (BMOST, formerly the Marginalized Males Workforce Education Consortium), six higher education institutions and five community-based organizations are working collaboratively to move the needle to prosperity for boys and men of color in Arkansas.  

We believe investment in creating pathways to opportunity and inclusion for boys and young men of color will improve the economic and civil well-being of the entire state. 

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Want to learn more about WRF's commitment to boys and men of color?

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*Holzman, Michael. “The Urgency of Now.” The Schott Foundation for Public Education (2012). Web. 2013.06.12