Arkansas Community Colleges

Arkansas Community Colleges serves the educational needs of two-year college students and the business/industry needs of the State by improving the quality of education and employment skills training to maintain a competitive workforce. 

Grant History

Year Issued






To promote effective practices at community colleges and positive policy changes through continued support of the College Count$ evaluation of the Arkansas Career Pathways Initiative.



To support to the Arkansas Community Colleges - Center for Student Success in its collaboration with member colleges to change institutional practices and inform state policy to increase completion rates for students enrolled in Arkansas’s community colleges.



To promote effective institutional practices at Arkansas community colleges and state policy changes through the completion of an outcomes evaluation of the Arkansas Career Pathways Initiative (CPI).



To support the Center for Student Success at the Arkansas Association of Two-Year Colleges and provide match funding for an Arkansas Higher Education Fellowship co-funded by the Kresge Foundation.



To establish the Center for Student Success which will focus on policy development, disseminate lessons learned, and support the efforts of Arkansas two-year colleges to access federal and state resources related to the removal of critical barriers to student success. 


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