• Moving the Needle Impact Brief: Marginalized Males Workforce Education Consortium

    WRF’s commitment to boys and men of color is creating a seamless pipeline of support for African American, Latino, and low-income males from communities to college campuses in Arkansas. This impact brief examines WRF’s support of the Marginalized Males Workforce Education Consortium.

  • Arkansas Campaign for Grade-Level Reading: A Call to Action

    This report by the Arkansas Campaign for Grade-Level Reading explains the importance of third grade reading, shows how Arkansas performs on indicators of third grade reading proficiency, and issues a call to action for achieving the Campaign’s goal.

  • Opportunity to Learn Campaign - Stopping Out-of-School Suspensions

    The guide by the national Opportunity to Learn Campaign provides advocates and policymakers with recommendations for ending the ineffective and discriminatory practice of out-of-school suspensions.

  • Increasing the Competitiveness of the Arkansas Workforce for a Knowledge-Based Economy

    Supported in part by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education and WRF, this report describes specific actions that the state should consider if Arkansas is to increase its college graduation rate ranking.

  • Positive Outcomes: The Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund

    The Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund helps break the poverty cycle. Capturing the post-graduation experience of more than 50 recipients of ASPSF financial aid, mentoring, and other support, this study indicates that education is the key to defeating poverty in Arkansas.

  • Arkansas School of the 21st Century

    Since 2001, WRF has funded the Arkansas School of the 21st Century initiative which has had a major impact on early childhood education across the state in the 40 districts and 200 schools in Arkansas where the strategy has been implemented.

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