Goals for Arkansas

Increase Prosperity



To reduce the number of Arkansas families living below 200 percent of the federal poverty line.


Poverty has no place in Arkansas. The Foundation affirms the legacy of the late Governor Winthrop Rockefeller with a mission to improve the lives of Arkansans in three inter-related areas: education, economic development, and economic, racial and social justice.

To increase prosperity, we believe that Arkansans must make poverty reduction a priority, the state must implement policies that support poverty reduction, individuals must be able to accumulate resources that move them out of poverty, and individuals and businesses must have access to capital to create and sustain jobs.


The Foundation supports increased prosperity in Arkansas by financing research, policy, and advocacy; through asset development initiatives; and by funding direct services that show measurable good practices. The Foundation partners with policymakers, business leaders, funders, nonprofits, and community stakeholders to accomplish and sustain these activities.

Application Process

We accept and review funding inquiries on an ongoing basis. We encourage prospective applicants to thoroughly review information about our strategic plan and related material on the WRF website prior to completing a Letter of Intent.