Goals for Arkansas

Strengthen Communities



To increase educational attainment and economic mobility in select communities in Arkansas.


Strong communities and neighborhoods are the precursor to better outcomes for children and families. Research shows that families do better when they have the opportunity to live in supportive communities. Our strategy to support place-based community change is based on the idea that:

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  • Sustainable community change must engage a diversity of stakeholders, most importantly, the residents of the community.
  • Intermediaries will play a vital role in mobilizing residents and stakeholdersTo strengthen communities, the Foundation provides technical assistance and funding for civic engagement, policy advocacy, and community organizing on behalf of people and communities that have the least wealth and opportunity. The Foundation must support collaboration, capacity building, and leadership development to facilitate place-based comprehensive community change.

Application Process

We accept and review funding inquiries on an ongoing basis. We encourage prospective applicants to thoroughly review information about our strategic plan and related material on the WRF website prior to completing a Letter of Intent.