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In 2008, Moving the Needle was launched to move Arkansas from poverty to prosperity.

Check out these resources to learn about the impact of WRF and its partners over the last five years.  


Secured more resources for urban and rural low-income families and helped strengthen the state’s non-profit organizations


Helped create the state’s first taskforce on poverty reduction and space for community leaders to collaborate


Helped leverage several million dollars from federal sources and brought national foundation dollars to the state

Want to learn more about the impact of WRF and its partners?

movingNeedle2008-13_image_resources.jpg Moving the Needle 2008-2013: Looking Back, Going Forward – This report tells the story of the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation’s short-term impact since launching the Moving the Needle Strategic Plan. Developed in 2007, Moving the Needle was based on close to 100 conversations with policymakers, grassroots community leaders, business leaders, youth and national experts on community change. Download
ncrpAssessment_image_resources.jpg NCRP Assessment of the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation NCRP examines the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation’s strategic grantmaking to promote systemic change by reducing poverty and inequity in Arkansas. The report reviews current strategies and practices of the Foundation, the impact of the Moving the Needle Strategic Plan from 2008 to 2013, and the quality of partnerships with grantees and stakeholders. Download

Moving the Needle 2.0: 2014 - 2019 Strategic Plan The vision for Moving the Needle was that Arkansas would rank among the top states in the country for major measures of child and family well-being with practices, public policies, and a nonprofit infrastructure that would increase prosperity. Download

MTN by the Numbers cover img.png

MTN by the Numbers – Our partners' courage, commitment, and collaboration throughout Moving the Needle has resulted in measurable progress. MTN by the Numbers is proof of what we have accomplished together. Download


Moving the Needle on Grade-Level Reading in Arkansas: Impact, Influence, and Leverage – In 2012, the Arkansas Campaign for Grade-Level Reading launched with the mission to ensure all children in Arkansas read on grade-level by the end of third grade. Through a network of more than 30 organizations from around the state, representing parents, educators, early childhood education, state agencies and foundations, the campaign has worked collectively to move the needle on third grade reading. The report outlines our plan to broaden community engagement to include the business and healthcare sectors; build on momentum at the state level to take to scale comprehensive policy solutions; develop two-generation strategies to support children and their parents; and align and aggregate evidence-based strategies to achieve outcomes for ALL children. Download


Expect More Arkansas: Our Jobs, Our Future – Jobs are in Arkansas, and more than half a million are coming in the next 10 years. However, nearly 70 percent of current jobs are low-skill jobs, most of which do not pay family-supporting wages. Will the data determine our future or will we take action now to create better opportunities? Download


Crafting a Bold Vision for Education in Arkansas – released by ForwARd Arkansas, Crafting a Bold Vision for Education in Arkansas shares ForwARd's process as a model that can be adopted by regions and states across the US. What ForwARd has accomplished and learned illustrates a few important lessons for foundations, community leaders, business leaders, and policymakers considering how to undertake ambitious systems and policy interventions driven by diverse groups of stakeholders. Download