2019 Annual Report

Educational Equity
Economic Equity
SER Equity

#StandUpForALICE: Make Hard Work, Work for All

No matter what we look like or where we come from, most of us work hard for our families. In Arkansas, we pride ourselves on being a state filled with hard-working individuals. Too many are Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed, or ALICE. It’s time to #StandUpForALICE.

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2019 Board Members

Calvin White, Jr., Ph.D. (WRF Board Chair)
Chair and Associate Professor, University of Arkansas Department of History
Chris Vincent (WRF Vice Chair)
Chris Vincent Wealth Management Advisor, Merrill Lynch
Charlotte Parham, Ed.D. (WRF Board Vice Chair)
Assistant Professor, University of Central Arkansas College of Education
Kilolo Kijakazi, Ph.D.
Institute Fellow, The Urban Institute
Mike Malone
Northwest Arkansas Coordinator, The Runway Group
Kiisha Morrow, J.D.
Head of Diversity, Cravath, Swaine, & Moore LLP
Lisenne Rockefeller
Chair and CEO, The Winrock Group, Inc. and Winrock Farms, Inc.
Win Rockefeller Jr.
Theseus Holdings LLC
Rosa Velázquez
Advocacy Director, Arkansas United
Chris Cardona
Program Officer, Philanthropy, Ford Foundation
Terry Mazany
Senior Vice President, Philanthropy Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta
Sharon Toomer
Toomer Strategies LLC, Founder

2019 Staff Members

Chief Innovation Officer
Chief Operating and Financial Officer
Equity Officer (as of July 2019)
Equity Officer (as of Oct. 2019)
Grants and Learning Officer
Andrew Ford
Former Economic Equity Officer (until Oct. 2019)
Russell Carey
Former Social, Ethnic, and Racial Equity Officer (until Oct. 2019)
Lisa Dixon
Former Organizational Effectiveness Associate (until Oct. 2019)
Meredith Morrison
Former Program & Operations Assistant (until Oct. 2019)

Statements of Financial Position

(December 31, 2019 and 2018)

2019 2018
  Cash and cash equivalents $    5,487,558 $    6,367,074
  Accrued interest receivable and other assets 173,513 269,476
  Investment securities, at fair value 131,172,756 114,888,556
  Program‐related investments, at cost 7,296,042 7,535,605
  Mission‐related investments, at cost 1,388,831 1,385,223
  Property and equipment, net 301,162 338,095
Total Assets $    146,819,862 $    130,784,029
Liabilities and Net Assets
   Accounts payable $          162,527 $          336,620
   Grants payable 2,637,494 1,142,837
   Other liabilities 305,891 367,708
     Total Liabilities 3,105,912 1,847,165
  Net Assets
   Without donor restrictions 147,713,950 128,936,864
   With donor restrictions
    Total Net Assets 147,713,950 128,936,864
Total Liabilities and Net Assets $    146,819,862 $    130,784,029

Statements of Activities

(December 31, 2019 and 2018)

2019 2018
  Investment return, net $    20,937,601 $    (7,804,390)
  Program-related investment returns 710,705 249,811
  Grants and contributions 2,269,500
    Total Revenues, (Losses), Gains, and Other Support 21,648,306 (5,285,079)
  Program Activities
    Program administration 2,116,091 2,043,291
    Grants 3,631,684 1,181,357
      Total Program Activities 5,747,775 3,224,648
  Supporting Activities
    Management and general 1,123,445 1,170,371
      Total supporting activities 1,123,445 1,170,371
        Total Expenses 6,871,220 4,395,019
INCREASE (DECREASE) IN NET ASSETS 14,777,086 (9,680,098)
NET ASSETS, BEGINNING OF YEAR 128,936,864 138,616,962
NET ASSETS, END OF YEAR $    143,713,950 $    128,936,864

Arkansas Asset Funders Network — $40,000

To support a statewide coalition of public and private grantmakers committed to advancing economic equity in Arkansas

Arkansas Campaign for Grade-Level Reading (AR-GLR) — $1,000,000

To support AR-GLR’s operations, fundraising, and continued implementation of its Excel by Eight birth-to-eight equity strategy

Arkansas Community Foundation — $1,000,000

To support AR-GLR’s operations, fundraising, and continued implementation of its Excel by Eight birth-to-eight equity strategy

Arkansas Impact Philanthropy — $100,000

To build philanthropic capacity to understand and invest in an equity agenda

Association of Black Foundation Executives — $5,000

To sponsor the organization's women in philanthropy event

Communities Unlimited — $75,000

To leverage USDA resources to build community-driven models for leadership and entrepreneurship in rural communities of color

Capacity for Equity Fund — $150,000

Capacity for Equity grants assist nonprofits aligned with the Moving the Needle strategic goals. The Foundation provided Capacity for Equity grants to the following organizations in 2019:

  • Arkansas Community Foundation — $30,000
  • Women’s Foundation of Arkansas — $10,000
  • Credit Counseling of Arkansas. — $4,000
  • Center for Artistic Revolution — $2,500
  • Delta Circles — $20,000
  • In Our Own Backyard (ioby) — $30,000
  • Project South — $7,000
  • Arkansas United — $25,000
  • Just Communities of Arkansas — $25,000

The Clinton Foundation — $5,000

To sponsor "Economic Inclusion and Growth: The Way Forward

ForwARd Arkansas — $1,200,000

To support ForwARd’s transition to an equity-centered initiative through continued core operating support, technical assistance, and community engagement

Gates Foundation — $100,000

To leverage national resources to shift perceptions about poverty, economic mobility, and wage equity in Arkansas

Hope Enterprise Corporation — $5,000

To sponsor Hope's 25th anniversary celebration

People Trust Community Loan Fund — $60,000

To expand consumer and business microlending in southwest Little Rock and the 12th Street Corridor through cutting edge technology

Rural Community Alliance — $200,000

To carry out its mission to help rural schools and communities thrive through parent and youth organizing, parent and resident engagement, and education advocacy

Southeastern Council of Foundations (SECF) — $15,000

To support documentation of SECF's 50th Anniversary stories of Equity and sponsor the organization's annual meeting

University of Central Arkansas (UCA) — $150,000

To partner with the Harvard Disruptive Equity Education Project (Harvard DEEP) to launch UCA DEEP to examine inequity and system disruption within the UCA teacher preparation program and other programs statewide

Urban League of Arkansas — $160,000

To provide core support for its mission to create economic opportunity for people of color in Arkansas through policy, partnerships, research, and service

Women's Foundation of Arkansas — $150,000

To provide core support for its mission to support women and girls in Arkansas to realize and achieve their full potential

World Woman Summit — $5,000

To sponsor the 2019 World Woman Summit in Little Rock, Arkansas