Arkansans #ChooseEquity — 2018 Annual Report

Educational Equity
Economic Equity
SER Equity

Arkansans Have to Choose

AR Equity 2025 is WRF’s bold direction in the relentless pursuit of an equitable Arkansas where everyone earns enough to exceed their basic needs, everyone lives in a thriving local economy, and everyone is able to save for the future.

To get there, we will make greater investments in the people, places, and possibilities with the greatest opportunities for change.

What does the future hold for Arkansas? Arkansans have the answers. When we work together, we will all reap the rewards.

Arkansans #ChooseEquity, our 2018 Annual Report, is our call to action. Join the movement for an equitable Arkansas.

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2018 Board Members

David Rainey, Ph.D. (Chair)
Retired Educator
Calvin White, Jr., Ph.D. (Vice Chair)
Chair and Associate Professor, University of Arkansas Department of History
Helen Dorado Alessi, MPA
CEO/Founder, El Dorado Consulting
Freddie Black
Chairman, Arkansas/SW Missouri Region, Simmons First Bank
Charlotte Parham, Ed.D. (WRF Board Vice Chair)
Assistant Professor, University of Central Arkansas College of Education
Kilolo Kijakazi, Ph.D.
Institute Fellow, The Urban Institute
Mike Malone
Northwest Arkansas Coordinator, The Runway Group
Kiisha Morrow, J.D.
Head of Diversity, Cravath, Swaine, & Moore LLP
Lisenne Rockefeller
Chair and CEO, The Winrock Group, Inc. and Winrock Farms, Inc.
Win Rockefeller Jr.
Theseus Holdings LLC
Rosa Velázquez
Advocacy Director, Arkansas United
Chris Vincent
Wealth Management Advisor, Merrill Lynch
Chris Cardona
Program Officer, Philanthropy, Ford Foundation

2018 Staff Members

Chief Innovation Officer
Chief Operating and Financial Officer
Brad Cameron
Communications & Knowledge Management Associate (until September 2018)

Statements of Financial Position

(December 31, 2018 and 2017)

2018 2017
  Cash and cash equivalents $    6,367,074 $    2,561,125
  Accrued interest receivable and other assets 269,476 204,598
  Contributions receivable 22,250
  Investment securities, at fair value 114,888,556 129,446,381
  Program‐related investments, at cost 7,535,605 7,611,695
  Mission‐related investments, at cost 1,385,223 1,284,068
  Property and equipment, net 338,095 77,347
Total Assets $    130,784,029 $    141,207,464
Liabilities and Net Assets
   Accounts payable $          336,620 $          116,449
   Grants payable 1,142,837 2,225,054
   Other liabilities 367,708 248,999
     Total Liabilities 1,847,165 2,590,502
  Net Assets
   Without donor restrictions 128,936,864 138,616,962
   With donor restrictions
    Total Net Assets 128,936,864 138,616,962
Total Liabilities and Net Assets $    130,784,029 $    141,207,464

Statements of Activities

(December 31, 2018 and 2017)

2018 2017
  Investment return, net $    (7,804,390) $    18,453,313
  Program-related investment returns 249,811 63,425
  Grants and contributions 2,269,500 89,000
    Total Revenues, (Losses), Gains, and Other Support (5,285,079) 18,605,738
  Program Activities
    Program administration 2,043,291 2,090,312
    Grants 1,181,357 3,575,880
      Total Program Activities 3,224,648 5,669,192
  Supporting Activities
    Management and general 1,170,371 1,120,653
      Total supporting activities 1,170,371 1,120,653
        Total Expenses 4,395,019 6,789,845
(DECREASE) INCREASE IN NET ASSETS (9,680,098) 11,815,893
NET ASSETS, BEGINNING OF YEAR 138,616,962 126,801,069
NET ASSETS, END OF YEAR $    128,936,864 $    138,616,962

WRF 2018 Grants List
Restricted Grants

Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families — $75,000

To provide general operating funds to support the mission of Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families as part of the conclusion of the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation’s Moving the Needle strategic plan.

Arkansas Campaign for Grade-Level Reading Fund — $63,672

To provide resources for technical assistance to the Arkansas Department of Education and local districts on strategies to reduce chronic absence in support of the priorities of the Arkansas Campaign for Grade-Level Reading.

Arkansas Community Institute — $50,000

To maintain volunteer income tax assistance (VITA) services in Arkansas.

Arkansas Community Foundation — $500,000

To support the day-to-day management and implementation of the strategic plan for the Arkansas Campaign for Grade-Level Reading (AR-GLR).

Capacity for Equity Fund — $150,000

Capacity for Equity grants assist nonprofits aligned with the Moving the Needle strategic goals. The Foundation provided Capacity for Equity grants to the following organizations in 2018:

  • The Arkansas Public Policy Panel — $2,000
  • Compassion Works for All: decARcerate — $15,000
  • Griffin-Gracy Educational Retreat and Historical Center, Inc. — $15,000
  • Hispanic Women's Organization of Arkansas — $30,000
  • Hispanic Community Services, Inc. — $8,600
  • Just Communities of Arkansas — $30,000
  • Rural Community Alliance — $1,325
  • University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff — $20,000

Phoenix Youth and Family Services — $60,000

To support Phoenix Youth and Family Services’s mission to strengthen economic outcomes in Southeast Arkansas through expanded educational and job training programing for youth and young adults.

Southern Bancorp Community Partners — $25,000

To maintain VITA services in Arkansas.

University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service — $120,000

To build the Center on Community Philanthropy’s capacity to increase prosperity and advance equity in Arkansas.

United Way of Central Arkansas — $20,000

To maintain VITA services in Arkansas.

United Way of Northeast Arkansas — $15,000

To maintain VITA services in Arkansas.

United Way of Northern New Jersey — $60,000

To complete a statewide ALICE® Report for Arkansas.

United Way of Northwest Arkansas — $40,000

To maintain VITA services in Arkansas.

Unrestricted Grants

Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families — $5,000

To sponsor the 2018 Friends of the Children Luncheon.

Arkansas Delta Area Community Foundation— $20,000

To support the objectives of the Arkansas Community Foundation in the Delta area in honor of the board service of David Rainey.

Association of Black Foundation Executives, Inc. — $5,000

To sponsor the 2019 Women in Philanthropy Leadership Retreat.

Grassroots Institute for Fundraising — $5,000

To sponsor the 2018 Money for Our Movements Conference.

Southeastern Council of Foundations — $5,000

To sponsor the Southeastern Council of Foundations 2018 Annual Meeting.

Targeting Our Peoples Priorities with Service — $10,000

To provide a safe haven for youth in the Pine Bluff community to build positive social bonds, develop the necessary tools to produce academic success, and to learn the importance of community service and leadership. This grant was in honor of the board service of Freddie Black.

University of Arkansas Foundation — $20,000

To provide for the establishment of a non-endowed award for the benefit of “Dreamers” at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville in honor of the board service of Helen Dorado Alessi.

Vera Lloyd Presbyterian Services — $10,000

To support residential care, emergency services, trauma recovery services, and academic, social and independent living skills development for Arkansas youth in need. This grant was in honor of the board service of Freddie Black.

Unrestricted Grants under $5,000 totaled $29,522.