AR-GLR Recognized Nationally


Sixty-three percent of Arkansas third graders cannot read on grade level according to the most recent ACT Aspire data.

Take a moment to let this sink in. Imagine six out of 10 kids showing up to school without shoes. That’s what we’re looking at — except it is basic literacy skills, not shoes, they are showing up without.

But the Arkansas Campaign for Grade-Level Reading (AR-GLR) is preparing every Arkansas student to succeed throughout school thanks to the commitment of families, educators, community and business leaders, and policymakers statewide. And the rest of the nation is learning from what's happening in Arkansas. 

In November, the national Campaign for Grade-Level Reading recognized Governor Asa Hutchinson for his leadership in making grade-level reading a statewide priority. Here are just a few of Arkansas’s recent accomplishments:

  • Increased state funding by $3 million to improve Arkansas Better Chance pre-K program quality and local capacity 
  • Developed new standards to increase the quality of early childhood education statewide
  • Established Reading Initiative for Student Excellence Initiative (RISE) Arkansas to ensure families and educators have the tools they need to prepare every Arkansas student to read at grade level

Congratulations to AR-GLR partners and state leadership for their well-deserved national praise.

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The national Campaign for Grade-Level Reading recognized Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson's leadership in making the Reading Initiative for Student Excellence (RISE) a reality and for making ...