Expect More, Demand Change: Be Pro, Be Proud


In 2016, we visited 17 communities across Arkansas to answer one incredibly important question: "We Expect More of ourselves, our communities, and our state's what are we going to do about it?"

A year after launching Expect More Arkansas, we're sharing how communities, organizations, and businesses across Arkansas expect more of our state's future and how they are taking action to ensure every resident has access to a high-skilled job that pays a family-supporting wage. 

Four- and two-year degrees aren’t the only path toward earning high-skilled jobs that provide family supporting wages. In fact, employers across Arkansas need more of our students to obtain technical degrees and certificates, which they can earn through technical education programs.

Be Pro, Be Proud shows students, families, and educators the world of high-skilled, in-demand career options available in Arkansas. The Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce started the campaign because filling positions that require two-year degrees and certificates is the key to moving our state's economy forward.

Watch this video to find out what Arkansas business leaders are doing to Expect More.

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Be Pro, Be Proud is an example of how business leaders across the state are demanding change to prepare students for in-demand jobs that pay higher wages.