Expect More, Form Partnerships: Project Future Story


In 2016, we visited 17 communities across Arkansas to answer one incredibly important question: "We Expect More of ourselves, our communities, and our state's what are we going to do about it?"

A year after launching Expect More Arkansas, we're sharing how communities, organizations, and businesses across Arkansas expect more of our state's future and how they are taking action to ensure every resident has access to a high-skilled job that pays a family-supporting wage. 

A community’s vision can increase prosperity for all residents from birth to career when education institutions, community leaders, and businesses form partnerships to prepare students to succeed in college and the workplace. 

Project Future Story supports the goals of IMPACT Independence County by helping students set career goals for themselves and achieve those goals after high school in Batesville, Arkansas. IMPACT Independence County has given students, families, educators, community leaders, and business leaders a process for creating a shared vision for what their community’s brighter future looks like. Education institutions, community leaders, and businesses are providing residents with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to support their families as well as earn, save, and grow wealth. As a result, Southside High School and University of Arkansas Community College Batesville have established Project Future Story, which makes it possible for students to graduate high school with the skills they need to continue their education and enter the workplace.

Watch this video to find out how educators are creating a brighter future for Independence County.


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Project Future Story shows what a community can accomplish when community leaders, businesses, and education institutions form partnerships to increase college attendance, retention, and graduation.