Recognition of MLK Day

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The Foundation recognizes the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr., year-round. We encourage you to share the following social media posts and images in the coming days and weeks.

What’s your definition of race?

Even before Dr. Kimberlé Crenshaw articulated intersectionality, #MLK knew that there were layers to how race works in society — that one could not talk about race without also considering the other social factors that often go hand in hand.

As we continue to recognize #MLKDay2020, we invite you to join in as we discuss the truth about race. #DeeperThanSkinDeep #ARacialEquityConversation #HowWeHeal #NationalDayofRacialHealing

At WRF, we understand race to be #DeeperThanSkinDeep because race is not solely about skin color. Race is a social construct that infuses messages about class, dignity, and capability with identifiable markers of ethnicity. Race as a social construct is why people automatically associate varying levels of intellect, criminality, or economic mobility with specific groups of people. #DeeperThanSkinDeep #ARacialEquityConversation #MLKDay2020

A #DeeperThanSkinDeep understanding of race is why #MLK centered so much of his civil rights work around labor and economics. For him, desegregation and voting rights were just stepping stones to #ARacialEquityConversation that pushed against the narrative of the “American Dream” and challenged our nation to consider economic justice more aggressively. #MLKDay2020

Like #MLK, Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller understood race as a social construct too. To challenge the status quo, he not only positioned himself in relationship and community with Black people, but he also positioned Black people for positions of power by appointing them to Arkansas state commissions and departments for the first time in 1968. He had the awareness that it was #DeeperThanSkinDeep. #ARacialEquityConversation #MLKDay2020

Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller’s courage in confronting oppressive structures head-on is why #AREquity2025 points toward social, ethnic, and racial equity. WRF’s ultimate goal is to chip away at historic and systemic barriers so that legacies of unfairness in Arkansas can be eliminated. But that dream can only become a reality the more we all acknowledge that it is #DeeperThanSkinDeep. #ARacialEquityConversation #MLKDay2020

Racial equity in Arkansas will take more than just people being nice to one another across lines of race. It will require an honest look at the root causes of oppression and dismantling the systems of unfairness that impede any group’s ability to learn, earn, and thrive. #DeeperThanSkinDeep #ARacialEquityConversation #MLKDay2020

Racial equity in Arkansas looks like world-class schools in every zip code, vibrant economies where wealth gaps do not exist, and policies are created, informed, and voted upon by the very people whose lives will be impacted the most. What does racial equity in Arkansas look like to you? #DeeperThanSkinDeep #ARacialEquityConversation #MLKDay2020