Looking Back, Moving Forward blog series

RAP stands for Reflection, Analysis, and Planning. And that's exactly what WRF is doing as our Moving the Needle (MTN) 2.0 strategic plan draws to a close.

Improving the lives of Arkansans is the mission of the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation. In 2017, the Board of Directors and staff of WRF will reflect on and assess our overall progress throughout MTN and examine the work the Foundation and its grantees have undertaken in the previous decade. Our goal is to capture as much knowledge as possible and integrate that knowledge into the Foundation and its grantees' future.

And we are going to RAP...I mean, blog about it. We have begun sharing what we and our partners have been learning through reflection in our Looking Back, Moving Forward blog series.

Keep an eye on our "The Point" blog to see what we're learning with ambassadors, advocates, and activists like you.