Economic Equity


Economic Equity

ECONOMIC EQUITY will exist when all Arkansans can achieve widely shared prosperity because everyone earns a living wage, participates in a thriving economy, and is able to build generational wealth.



Over half of all Arkansas households do not earn enough income to make ends meet.


WRF seeks to build local and statewide solutions for ALICE in Arkansas that address systemic barriers such as transportation, housing, childcare and workforce training.

About CDFIs

A community development financial institution (CDFI) is one that provides credit and financial services to under-resourced markets and populations. 

WRF co-created the CDFI infrastructure in Arkansas with the launch of  Southern Bancorp in 1986 and is dedicated to increasing CDFI support to Black-, brown- and women-owned businesses across the state.


We will achieve equity when all Arkansas workers earn a living wage that allows them to meet their families' basic needs and build wealth.


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We will achieve equity when we remove racial and gender barriers in our banking and lending systems.


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We all need assets—or resources—to help us get ahead and navigate life’s uncertainties, whether it’s an unexpected medical emergency or losing one’s job.


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