2021 Movement Innovation Grants

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Through the Movement Innovation Grants initiative, the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation (WRF) seeks to stimulate and support innovative advocacy in Arkansas that strengthens voice and power of Arkansans in historically overlooked communities (e.g., ALICE, people of color, LGBTQIA+ individuals, immigrant residents, low-wealth Arkansans). Selected recipients will be awarded one-time grants (up to $15,000) for high-impact activities that disrupt inequitable systems and create new opportunities for community-driven change.

General Scope

Through Movement Innovation Grants, WRF seeks to make funding available for initiatives that:

  • Enable community members and advocacy organizations to effectively engage in the 2021 Arkansas Legislative Session
  • Prioritize collaboration, shared learning, and collective action to realize equity in Arkansas
  • Build upon existing and emerging efforts to leverage community resources
  • Stimulate new thinking and innovative practice

WRF will accept applications on a continuous basis from organizations, alliances, collaboratives, and networks that present compelling proposals that:

  • Support innovative advocacy design and implementation
  • Describe creative efforts leading to systemic change
  • Support dismantling inequitable systems

In light of the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and limitations on public engagement in the 2021 Arkansas Legislative Session, round one of WRF’s Movement Innovation Grants will prioritize collaborative proposals that explore new avenues for increasing public participation and engagement during this critical time.

Grantmaking Guidelines

Proposals must:

  • Respond to timely and urgent needs resulting from the ongoing pandemics (e.g., public health, racial and social unrest, and economic hardships)
  • Demonstrate opportunity for immediate impact
  • Center economic, educational, social, ethnic, or racial equity in the design, implementation, and outcomes
  • Build voice and power of people of color and other marginalized communities
  • Be led by those who are most impacted by historical inequities

Funding Limitations

Funding will not be provided for:

  • Nonprofit general operating support
  • Ongoing program support
  • Capital improvements
  • Budget shortfalls or fundraising events
  • Strategic planning or long-term campaigns

Application Process

  1. Visit WRF’s Partner Portal to submit your innovative grant idea.
  2. Submit a proposal of 500 words or less (make sure you indicate the proposal is being submitted for consideration under the Movement Innovation Grants initiative).
  3. Include in your proposal relevant partnerships or collaborations, what makes your approach innovative, intended impact, and a budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will WRF fund through this initiative?
WRF will fund networks and alliances that:

  1. Recognize the interconnectedness of their advocacy with that of other organizations, organizers, and movement leaders across Arkansas
  2. Seek to advance equity and innovative change impacting systemic and structural inequities in Arkansas
  3. Center collaboration and active partnerships across the advocacy community to advance economic, educational, social, ethnic, and racial equity in Arkansas

Can organizations apply individually?
Movement Innovation Grants are intended to stimulate and support the advocacy and movement-building infrastructure in Arkansas. WRF wants to encourage networks and organizations to work together and submit collaborative proposals. While individual organizations are permitted to submit proposals, priority will be given to collaborative proposals that have a diverse collective of movement organizations and leaders.

Do all organizations have to be based in Arkansas to be considered for funding?
No, while all proposals should be focused on improving outcomes for Arkansans, organizations do not have to be based in Arkansas for consideration.

Can current WRF grantees apply for funds through this initiative?
Yes, current and previous grantees may submit proposals.

Will existing collaborations and partnerships be considered, or do these need to be newly organized?
Yes, existing collaborations and partnerships will be considered as well as those that are newly organized.

Can organizations and/or organizers be partners in multiple proposals?
Yes, organizations and/or organizers can be co-applicants in multiple proposals.

Are all co-applicants required to be an established 501c(3) nonprofit organization?
Ideally, the lead organization should be a 501c(3) organization in good standing or have identified a fiscal agent that is a 501c(3) non-profit. Grassroots groups and/or individual organizers without 501c(3) status may be co-applicants. They can be funded as part of the proposal’s budget.