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Copy and paste the text below to your social media profile to #StandUpForALICE. Be sure to use the images provided below to ensure your posts get noticed. And we encourage you to edit the text to make it your own!

It’s simple — 🔼 more money available to entrepreneurs means 🔼 more opportunities for them to grow and expand. YET, people of color who own small businesses have less access to financial support than white employers.

If we close the gap, we’ll #StandUpForALICE and increase the likelihood that all businesses succeed in Arkansas.

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💡 If we invest more in entrepreneurs of color, we’ll increase the likelihood their businesses grow and expand, and empower them to hire more Arkansans.

It’s time for Black and LatinX entrepreneurs to get a bigger slice. People of color who own businesses currently receive less than four percent of available resources. If we change this, we strengthen more businesses, create more jobs, and #StandUpForALICE.

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🤔 Did you know half of entrepreneurs in Arkansas don’t have the knowledge or connections to land government contracts? If we change this, we’ll increase the competitiveness of our business sector AND bring more 💲💲💲 to our communities.

That data is clear. Learn more:

Supporting people of color who own businesses is one more way to #StandUpForALICE.