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Educational Equity
Economic Equity
SER Equity

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💰 Increase our budget by ensuring our economy works as hard as residents do? Now that’s something we can all get behind.

Let’s #StandUpForALICE. Learn more in “The Business Case for Equity in Arkansas”:

What happens when we invest in equity for all Arkansans?
✅ Stronger workforce
✅ More income for businesses
✅ Increase the state budget
✅ Expand the economy

Now, let’s #StandUpForALICE.

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😷 Arkansas is among the states facing the greatest health challenges, ranking 46th out of 50 overall.

If we increase access to healthcare — #StandUpForALICE — we will:
✔️ Increase workers’ productivity
✔️ Improve how we educate our future workforce
✔️ Save our state billions by investing in preventing health emergencies

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“The concentration of families of color in high-poverty neighborhoods and their relatively lower rates of homeownership are not accidental.”

👀 This and other eye-opening facts about about our state are in “The Business Case for Equity in Arkansas.”

Let’s #StandUpForALICE. ➡️ Download and share the facts: