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The sample social media posts and graphics below are intended for your use and customization, to socialize the ALICE in Arkansas report and data in support of your specific legislative call to action.

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  • #StandUpForALICE
  • #EquityInAR

Social Media Posts

Copy and paste the text below to your social media profile to #StandUpForALICE. Be sure to use the images provided below to ensure your posts get noticed. And we encourage you to edit the text to make it your own!

When 41% of Arkansans can’t make ends meet with their paychecks, we need a new plan. Period. #StandUpForALICE

All parents want the best care for their kids. But in AR, nearly half a million families can’t afford child care.

We’re urging policymakers to #StandUpForALICE.

🗣️Working people should be able to afford basic living costs.

🗣️Working people should be able to afford basic living costs.

🗣️ Working people should be able to afford basic living costs.


Due to COVID-19, many of us rely on virtual events and video chats to connect with family & friends. But across AR, ALICE households are struggling to afford basic living costs, let alone pricey WiFi plans.

That must change. Learn more ➡️ #StandUpForALICE

Every Arkansan family should be able to afford:



✅Health Care

But right now, far too many can’t. We’re asking policymakers to [insert call to action here]. Learn more:

☀️7AM – Morning shift, job #1

🌙4PM – Night shift, job #2

😐1st of the month – still can’t pay rent

When working Arkansans can’t afford the cost of living, we need change. Learn more about the economic reality in our state:


Times are hard. But we can work together with our policymakers to ensure that *every* working Arkansan has the opportunity to not only make ends meet, but to prosper. When our economy thrives, everyone benefits. 👏👏👏


Social Media Images
To download, right click the image you want to appear with your social media post, then click “Save Image As.” You can then upload the image to your social media profile.